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Fall 2016: A reflection

I will say that for the most part it was a very shitty year. Right now I am being held back in my studies because the University does not have enough attendees for a course I need to do in order to complete my programme. I am literally being held back for a semester unless they can find a class with enough people wanting to do the class. This is a stark reminder that Universities and colleges while they may just be the only way to advance in life for average Joe’s like me who cannot think outside the box or take entrepreneurial risks(or even know how to) It is still a business for the Administration and you end up feeling like some kind of cash cow they want to milk you into debt despite the fact that im doing it part-time. I have spent over half a million dollars accumulated over the span of five years and I am only halfway into completing my associates degree and im 25 now. Am I wasting my life? This is one marathon that I don’t know whether giving up is the right thing or even completing it would make a difference. It seems as if  in my country, Information Technology is equivalent to getting an Arts Degree in the US. Nobody likes it or understands it. Yet it is the hottest and will forever be the hottest,fast paced industry in my opinion globally even the very country I live in which seems to under-appreciate it.. Instead I find that everyone is chasing MBAs and things to do with Tourism or even Law.