To all self-help authors who charge money for the simplest shit.[Not Serious]

This all seems like an even more creative way to waste time. Why should I sacrifice time,energy and money to buy your book and read it? How certain will I get what my money and time is worth? You see the  system is messed up because it allows con-artists such as yourself to come here and write all kinds of persuasive marketing fluff just to dupe innocent people out of their time and money into thinking that “this productive that costs a good amount of money is actually going to solve my problem”. This is the typical logic of self-help authors and the drooling junkies who fall on their faces after them. Every time I look on your website pages it is filled with lies. It’s  like you fuckers have no shame about how far you can stretch your unrealistic bullshit just to sell something. It’s ironic because just reading  and trying to figure out what is it you are actually trying to do would have been better spent being productive such as writing that python program or studying complex mathematical equations or some philosophical nonsense the cool kids like to call “Existentialism”. If I read another fucking website that comes up with lofty promises and is charging me money to get these lofty promises when there is no certainty or plausibility that what is being advertised actually works, I am going to go on a motherfucking killing spree. You know what you fuckers are doing? You are selling persuasion not actual value. You are not selling practical advice. Fuck off with the marketing. No you aren’t even doing marketing the correct fucking way. What you are giving isn’t value. I am not paying you money or spend my time on your books, your CDs and whatever goddamn bullshit you want to pull out of your snake oil salesman/new age/just-plain-crazy ass  just to fucking feel good. How are you fuckers any different from those nigerian scammers? You are only more persuasive and less obvious.

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