Christmas Post

I need to get my shit together though.
I am not sure if that will work.
I wouldn’t put my money on it because that would be like walking around in circles.
Right now it is OK. I  am OK. confused? yes. Frustrated? Yes.
Feeling defeated? yes. Not because I didn’t have a chance but because
I condition myself to think I have no chance. I let the things of life get me down.
It is a known fact that trying to rush things wouldn’t get me far nor would slowing down
be better. it is a mixture. Sometimes you go fast. Sometimes you have
to take your time. Life is not linear. It is full of a lot of happenings,
things moving fast,slow,up down,left right. Why do you think that
you can have control over everything? Be sensible. You will never have
control over what will happen in your own future.
All you can do in this present moment is to focus on the
important things like your work. Focus on what you can do for today only.
To worry and talk about how much you have to do does not make sense.
Nobody expects you to do everything all at once so
why set such an impossible standard for yourself?
Relax and be patient in your doings,throughout every process
have an attitude of readiness,alertness willingness to learn,explore and
experience. What does it matter if things are slower than you expect?
Why be disappointed? It shows you cling too much to your expectations.
Stop trying to control everything. The only control you have is over your
own behavior and thoughts and sometimes, in special situations you don’t
even have that. Sometimes you might go overboard with your anger and before
you know it the damage is already done. Or you malice people. I cannot think
of a situation where malicing people is a good thing even
if they are the ones who are wrong. You have to be mature about it else
The problem between you and a person will not be resolved completely.
Sometimes you will not be able to resolve the differences. So what?
Life happens. That’s what is happening. Cloudy days, Sunny days.
Accept them all. Don’t try to pick and choose your experiences. you are
gonna face everything whether you like it or not. The truth favors
no side. Live truthfully even when you feel like dying. Because
in the end it will set you free. You will be a person of clean conscience.
It is as I have already said. You are gonna have times when you could
think you are doing everything possibly known to man and
still have unproductive times. Stop being so insecure about your situation
and yourself. The unpleasantness of life is temporary most of the time.
I have never seen a person cry 24 hours straight. Nobody is stuck in the same emotions or in the same state of mind all the time. Things change and that includes you and everyone else. I am saying this to emphasize the impermanence of life. There is no such thing as extreme non-stop happiness. Do you understand that a man cannot step into the same river twice. Life changes but so do you if you are willing.

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