Your anxiety problem.

You said that you suffer from anxiety. Well anxiety has it’s time and place where surprisingly it helps sometimes you know like performance anxiety makes sure you are not lazy about your preparation and then there is the anxiety that kills performance completely or the anxiety that just comes up randomly and starts fucking with your bowels or the anxiety that stops you from going to your college classes. That feeling can never be forgotten. You become anxious because of the delusional beliefs you have about yourself, of what people think of you, of what you think about your capacity and competence to succeed at whatever task you must do or want to do. Your anxiety can grow from a lot of things such as being a lazy fuck(due to procrastination), a general lack of self-assertion and confidence.

But what if you had a healthy amount of faith within yourself? What if you could drop your unstable beliefs about yourself and of things on the outside? Would anxiety not decrease? The theory is never hard to understand but the practice had always been hard to do.

That practice which I refer to is the science of observing and managing oneself inwardly and skillfully. It took many years for you to finally understand what was really important. Self-help material only help a little but they still contain a lot of misinformation and many times complete bullshit.

That is why it is best that you read them with skepticism and critical analysis. You have to think for yourself at all times. If you don’t think for yourself you will always find yourself deep into a lot of shit not just the fact that you might be susceptible to be duped by dishonest snake oil salesmen but in real life situations you will do stupid shit,say stupid shit and think stupid shit. Self-help is merely pointing to a direction. They cannot make us better persons by themselves. They can be encouraging but that still wont lead to action. You must consciously make the decision. The responsibility is still on your shoulders to succeed. No book can remove the responsibility from you. So rise up from the thoughts that limit you and make you feel the need to be dependent on these things. Do everything it takes to succeed.


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