Today I want you to be different.

Regardless of what your mood is. Regardless of how much influence and power it has over your actions and thoughts. Be positive. Do not be anxious. Be calm. See things in their proper sense. Do not distort the truth with what you think should be the truth. Don’t go headlong into something you do not believe especially when it haS NO EVIDENCE. FORTUNATELY Guided Imagery,meditation, self-talking,writing are all valid,tested practices that have specific goals that they reach only when the person who practices them is consistent and clear about what he/she is trying to do. It is no longer a question of if these things work. They do work when you allow them to! Don’t believe that throughout each of them you as a person isnt involved. Don’t delude yourself either into thinking that one shoe size fits all. If you truly want to be free then you have to left go of your destructive habits. There is no other way than through direct experience and confrontation and persevering through the pain. It is what it is. There is no way of avoiding hard work to getting the results we want. The saying says “you can’t have your cake and eat it”. You must feel pain. Pain in this context of bearing it in order to produce good is good for you. It cannot kill you my friends.

Stop avoiding and start accepting,persevering,doing. Despite what negative things are going on in your mind and the negative feelings you feel. You have to keep striving to be the best person you can be in all areas of your life. This is something only you alone can do for yourself. No book,nobody,nothing can make you persistent,confident,motivated,hard working etc.) You must make yourself hardworking. The experience becomes less of a burden if you constantly do it till it becomes a habit in your mind and behaviour. Do not believe in your so-called “limitations” That people try to put you in or that which you put yourself in. Always strive to be the best. Always put out your best efforts and learn from your failures. Hard to do but it is rewarding when it gets done. Trust me. Don’t be perturbed by every little discouragement that you encounter. Take note of them, understand the message that they are saying and then continue to plough through if it is nothing.

It cannot be said any clearer. The good qualities and benefits that you pursue such as peace of mind, present-moment awareness,concentration skills,attention skills, self-control thinking skills,metacognitive etc.) cannot be attained in one day. You cannot force concentration,happiness,peace,relaxation. You have to be patient with yourself and you have to accept what you have in every given moment right now. Do not reject your experiences. Both good and bad have lessons that you must learn. All your experiences,sensations,feelings are messages telling you something and when you prepare yourself you will see and hear clearly what they are bringing and then adjust yourself and prepare for action. If you are anxious in your quest, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Think carefully. Which person can attain peace of mind, happiness,relaxation, present-moment awareness and other noble qualities by being anxious,impatient and even delusional about them? And do you think that by pursuing these things you neglect other areas in your life? No! Absolutely not!


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