No shortcuts on this path.

There are no shortcuts to success. No magic pills to gain results. Success is filled with ambiguity and it is something that is totally chaotic. You will find that things get worse before they get better. You will find that you have to take two steps backwards to move on to the next stage. Its a convoluted twisted road filled with so many random variables. The best I can do is to do my best. I cannot control the external factors but I can control the internal factors and even that in itself is not an easy thing to do. I cannot meditate my problems away but it can help me in the sense that it helps me to adjust the relationship I have with my problem. Do I see them as impossible to solve? Or is it something within my control and power to do something about it? It is not the be-all and end-all. I don’t need meditation to solve my problems but it does contribute to helping me so why should I abandon it?  Just because it’s not getting me what i want fast and in the way I want it? Will I not be miserable all the time if i refuse to drop my expectations? In order to get the best results you have to work these things out sensibly and that means you carefully plan and reflect on everything you are doing and on what is going on currently in your life. If you dont give yourself time for reflection and contemplation(whther it is true meditation or writing in some journal or writing on wordpress like what I am doing right now) How will we ever be able to get at heart of what is bothering us or what we need to pay our attention to in order to progress? We would just be like headless creatures running around doing shit and getting nowhere and that is just as bad as sitting and doing absolutely nothing at all or to spend time wasting it seeking idle pleasures in whatever form it may be. The problem is not the problem but how you approach and react to it-how you see yourself in relationship to your problem. That is where the suffering begins. You can stop it but it will take some time to train yourself to detect these moments and prevent them. One of these is meditation. Its not just about sitting around doing nothing. If you think it is just that then you have limited yourself and defeated your own purpose before you have even began. I dont know about the claims that they make about it. It may be true, it may not be true. It doesnt really matter. Just do it like an exercise. Do it like how you write down your thoughts in a journal. It helps you to tackle the difficulty you will face throughout your day whether it is actually real or made up in your mind(And boy do we love to make things look hard!).

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