Hard work triumphs all.

You still need to work hard. Motivation and inspiration are side-effects from the actions you took already. We must not then think that having high motivation and feeling good means and causes productivity. Absolutely not! It does very little because these things are limited and the fact that they are simply side-effects of working hard and achieving milestones. IF you start to write a program that is supposed to be a media player for example you wouldn’t try to write everything all at once. That would be near impossible unless it was something you practiced a million times. You start small. You work on it piece by piece. Programming is one of those disciplines that teach you how to break down your goals into bite sizes and work on them piece by piece until you have completed the entire whole. And this aspect of programming is no different from achieving other goals in your life. You dont say to yourself I am going to do pushups for 8 hours. No! You say I am going to do pushups for 5 minutes first. If I can take it then that means I can do a little more and a little more and so and so and do it frequently everyday. And before you know it a month can pass and if you kept it up you will feel the difference even if it is small. That is when you would gain encouragement-the inspiration and motivation and self-confidence to go on and that is how it would have been in every other thing that you do not just in exercise.. If you had done otherwise it is almost 99.9% certain that you would give up and continue the ritualistic beating up of yourself for failing and the misery that you would drag yourself through for it all signs of the perfectionistic disease that we have acquired. Don’t fight against your inborn psychology. We are not trying to fight against ourselves we are trying to make peace with ourselves so that we can cooperate and finally see eye-to-eye in conquering our dilemmas and achieving our goals.

Let me tell you what goes on when you continue to believe that motivation is something that you can acquire on its own and that it would make you work instead of it being a side effect from daily actions that you take to improve yourself or your skills. You will find that at first you will feel pumped by all the motivational videos that you watch and the books that you read or the advice that some random redditor tells you and you just might….just might do something-some work. But then what happens next? When that motivation dies(It will die!) what do you do then? stop working? It is quite obvious that this way is not sustainable. You have done this already a thousand times. Ever since that first self-help crap book you found and read called “Think and Grow Rich” you became addicted to the effects of motivation but you still didn’t do your work did you? You still failed chemistry accounting and mathematics in the last two years of high school. You know why you failed? Because you didn’t do the work and instead procrastinated by reading that book, got pumped for no purpose whatsoever. And from that day on you kept on reading these self-help books. Still in the back of your head keep thinking that just maybe one of these books might have the magic bullet solution that will absolve all responsibility from you like christianity. being responsible and being truthful are obviously poison darts for your life. At least that is how you react to them and believe them to be. You understand painfully well too that you fucked your spring semester 2013 courses in your second year of college because you felt depressed,dispirited,anxious and needed “motivation”. You wasted your time reading them, you failed both classes, you wasted your money, you extended your time plus the stress of having to do over these two difficult courses again and you are still not a better person from that experience. Is there anything to be said at this point in time? You are obviously hell bent on destroying your own life. You cannot see the truth, you don’t want to see it either and you don’t care. It will cost you greatly but you don’t see the consequences until they strike. you don’t cry with regret until it is too late. The bottom line is that you dont need motivation to work. That is a lie that self-help gurus want to stuff down people’s throats and to this day they are still doing it. Trying is better than doing nothing at all. Better to brute force that shit and keep on until you succeed. Trying is better  than doing nothing at all. You obviously should have tried passing those difficult subjects in spring 2013 semester instead of giving up because of your anxiety. By giving up you lost not just the battles but the war itself. GAME OVER.

It is quite obvious that you haven’t learned your lesson because right now in the Fall semester it seems you want to do the same kind of shit again.

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