September 19, 2013

It is a peaceful morning and I think that even these I wont be able to enjoy anymore. Everything will be taken from me either piece by piece or all at once. Because life is what it is. It is not for us to judge life as “good” or “bad” yet because even though we have reached the prime of young adulthood still we are young in experience. Nothing wrong with having your ideals shattered or getting criticized. Such is life.
I want to return to being curious about myself and my world. I would like to be more curious and more interested. To ask more and more questions and to not shy away from debates and arguments. To treat myself kindly and to value my thoughts and words I want to keep reasoning, keep practicing the things I want to do. I want to constantly learn and practice.
I am an easygoing guy. I like simplicity but I make things very difficult for myself by complicating what should not be complicated or make something esoteric when it really shouldn’t be so. Perhaps I am not the only one who does this. It’s a part of human nature to do these things. I find nature to be entirely apathetic towards human beings. The universe does not give a shit about me or anyone for that matter. It is what it is. Grass will continue to grow, life will continue to flourish and nature will continue to exist with or without the bullshit of humanity.Whether life is good or bad it doesn’t really matter. Life has its ups and downs but it is pretty straight forward.
The important thing in dealing with stressful situations is how you react to them and to other situations in life. That is where both the problem and the solution lies. I may not be able to stop depression from happening or the feelings of anger when they arise but I can choose to not let them override my reasoning and influence my behaviour.
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