Self-help Crap

I don’t go to self-help books as solutions to my problems anymore. In truth none of them has solved any of my problems no matter how small they were. They were simply books full of empty promises and ideals that no human can reasonably reach. Some are too idealistic, others are rehashed material of what is already known or just plain ridiculous in their claims and promises. They often try to push pseudoscientific nonsense and disguise it as something scientifically legitimate or make generalizations or look at something too simple when it is not.So I don’t depend on them for anything anymore now because these types of books cannot help me. Sure they might help somebody else but they sure as hell didn’t help me. I have been reading them since I was 15 years old. The first one I read was “Think and Grow Rich”. The only thing I could give respect to this book for is the idea is that if you want something you have to focus hard on it and at that time I didn’t know what I wanted out of life or what I should expect. I had a few fancy notions as to what I wanted to become but as they say ignorance is bliss and in those days especially those two last years of high school I was in for a rude awakening.

 Nothing manifested. I suffered through remedial classes to get complete my secondary education. Those days sucked and I am glad it was over. But I am more saddened by the fact that at the end of the day these books didn’t do much for me. At 15 years old I thought “Think and grow rich” was like the bible to success and prosperity. In my mind I thought I could move mountains with the ideas in the book. But all it comes down to in the end is a guy trying to feed himself and he was successful at doing so. Napoleon Hill stroke it rich by writing “think and Grow Rich” but I cannot say it did the same for the suckers such as myself who read his book. He is very good at selling persuasion like most other scammers and dishonest salespeople do. The only people who benefit from self-help in my opinion is the fucking authors themselves. I struggle with productivity all the time but do you ever for a second think that to cure that I would need to take up a copy of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”? I don’t care about the cult-like following around this book or around Stephen Covey’s “7 habits of highly effective people”. There should have been an 8th habit- The habit of constantly making false claims and sweet talking the poor consumers of america and internationally into buying and wasting time reading their self-congratulatory drivel. Two other lying fucks I cannot stand is Scott H. Young and Tim Ferris. All of these people suck! Their books suck and if people read and believe their bullshit they will suck too! You have to struggle for yourself. You have to find the answers and if there are no answers create them. Fix the damn problem yourself! To learn to put faith in my ability to reason and to think things out for myself and my plans.  In a  way the first self-help book I read did help my development a bit simply because it was talking about something I knew deep down has always been something in my capacity to do.There were the usual highs and the sense of empowerment but then there would be the inevitable, subtle return right back into my old ways of impulsiveness,complacency and laziness as if nothing ever happened and I wasted my time and energy. If any author hopes to make one that works for me he/she better make sure what they write is practical. Something that I can see myself doing. Action steps. I don’t need hype I need help. Motivational crap doesn’t last long especially when all it does is make you feel good(or tries to) and nothing else.  A good book that wants to help must have nothing idealistic and far-fetched and it has the understanding of human shortcomings. Nobody follows something 100% without mistakes. I make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life. The authors themselves are not infallible. We all have weaknesses.

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