Looking at things from a mature standpoint

Instead of looking to others solely for the hope that their advice can “fix” what is supposedly “broken about you(This being the assumption you have in your mind) just understand that in the grand scheme of things these perceived “problems” are irrelevant and miniscule. Even if you managed to apply and agree well with the teachings of oneo f those “experts” whether it’s from their books or their seminars/workshops we still can’t put our finger on it as to what we are trying to achieve. What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how ignorant of an asswipe you arer or how stupid,unaware,lazy,obsessive,weak or that you ahve a very shitty attitude in life it does not have to fuck up what you are trying to achieve. It doesnt matter if you procrastianted for a whole day or days on end you still have a say and the decision to refuse or allow such things to to interfere or not affect the academic and personal goals you have set for your life. it would be most liberating to investigate and get to the bottom as to why you procrastinate more than to despair about it because it is a message that your mind is trying to tell you. Sometimes messages, behaviour patterns and sensations such as these must be ignored as it is one’s nature to procrastinate. Hell sometimes procrastination saves one from stress. It  protects us from the wear and tear of rigorously doing everything on time, effectively and  without fail every time. And then there is procrastination that ironically does the create the exact opposite conditions and fucks everything up. These are things that one must carefully observe within oneself and to understand the nature as well as creating  preventative or at least coping mechanisms for these challenges. By becoming aware of these situations we create the power to change a direction when it obviously leads to a detour into self-destruction.

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