Does Meditation aid learning? One redditor says yes.

From the reddit /r/meditation community:

whatdoesmarciawallac said:

Hello meditation community. I am a struggling college student doing an IT programme(some of it) and I have practiced meditation infrequently due to doubts and a lot of affairs in my life since January of this year and I was wondering can meditation aid learning in any way? Like concentration or attention to boring or complex subjects?

JohnnyZampano said:

I think it can, or it could just be that I’ve aged and grown up (a little bit) – or a combination.

I attended community college about 5 or 6 years ago shortly after high school, and ended up dropping out because I was bored with what I was studying (IT).

I’m in community college now (again, this time for philosophy) taking 17 credits a semester, 5 classes I don’t really have too much of an interest in (getting basic classes out of the way before I transfer) and am doing quite well with my studies.

The biggest thing for me is first using my time to study and prepare for classes, I think a large part of that is due to me maturing over the years and knowing I need to get it done.

Once I am studying however I am able to concentrate on what I am doing in the moment, giving it my fullest attention. I credit my meditation experience with that ability. I can quiet my mind and tune out everything I don’t need to study and focus on the material at hand. While taking tests I can calm myself and really focus on the test itself, not anxiety or worry about how good or bad I am doing.

As for boring subjects: I’m not sure if its meditation or just my expanding world view (partly from my meditation practice and / or intellectual studies) but I can find anything interesting, no matter how trite I would have considered it a few years ago. Being able to find even the most mundane things interesting can really help with my motivation to study and learn.

However, it is defiantly a result of my practice that I’ve lost the ability to be bored. Anything, when you really look, when you deeply experience it can be profound and beautiful and awe-inspiring. For me its easy to do in nature. To “loafe and invite my soul”… Staring a leaf shimmering in the wind is profound beyond description. The same results can be achieved to a lesser effect with any other object.

So in answer to your question: Yes? No? Possibly? Meditation has helped me in all areas of my life, my studies being just one small part.

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