Be conscious

Listen,observe. Be comfortable with discomfort and pain. Unless it is life-threatening. You have to approach the challenges you face in life with a can-do attitude. You gotta keep on fighting even if you can’t make out clearly who or what your opponent is. Life is like the weather-unexpected and sometimes crazy things happen. So expect the unexpected. I have no time to subscribe myself to a religion or philosophy for what good would these be even if I gave them enough time to take root in my life? I am still weak in mental and physical stature. You would have to strain to find anything special about me because that’s just the way it is now.

One has to have the hope that something will finally change for the better….that is all. What use is there in clinging to change or control something you simply cannot? I am sick and tired of the same old complaints and problems I have for myself. Serious consideration needs to be taken to deal with these things. It is a waste of my time and energy to talk about “laziness” or “self-doubt” or “procrastination”. Talking about them will not and cannot get rid of them so why bother? Keep that mouth closed and take action. Consistent action is what is needed.
Pay attention. Don’t give half of it or quarter give your undivided full attention to everything in life. It doesnt matter what it is even washing the dishes. Because the more you pay attention the better it is for you to detect an error or something that was simply not seen.
Why burden your mind with irrational fears and insecurities? Are you not tired of the subconscious nonsense you find yourself trapped by? This game of mental walking around in circles is fatiguing and it brings no relief or peace. Just quit it.
Stay awake and believe in yourself. Be aware of the distractions that undermine your efforts to achieve your goals. Achieving your goals should be of the highest priority.
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