Just a thought.

The results of Jamaica’s current education system. I don’t hate Tommy Lee Sparta. I hate the government who facilitates the conditions to produce youths like him. We want Jamaica to be more than just Dancehall, a couple of good track and field athletes and maybe Reggae. The Jamaican Government must expand their horizons, stop the political war occurring in both parties and concentrate on making Jamaica a stabilized economy and a place to do business,work and live in..not just for tourists. Tommy Lee Sparta and the rest of the Gaza crew is not the problem. i do not even care if they worshiped the devil himself and fucked men up the ass! That is not the problem! The problem is that Jamaica isn’t growing and we are slowly descending into poverty,intellectual brain drain and violence. The reason why Sparta is up here doing this is because he has to look out for himself. Controversy sells and this youth does this because it is required to behave and act a way in Dance hall! No opportunities are here for young people. Whether it was PNP or JLP in power we still suffered back then and we are fucking suffering now. You cannot blame this kid because everyone is desperate to survive and to strive to attain a certain quality of life. I hate it when politicians come on TV blaming a certain political party for destroying the country and acting as if theirs is blameless. No co-operation but more and more political divisions. Every country has it’s woes. Every country has it’s set of dangerous criminals corrupt politicians, failed systems, a good amount of poor people that you are not aware of until the media carries some story about it. But what is happening in Jamaica is not something you can conceal. I am getting increasingly fearful of my own survival here as I type this message. i don’t know if most young people are ware of the gravity of the clusterfuck that is slowly happening in the country. Nobody cares. Where are we heading? What are these politicians doing to us? How are we going to survive for the future? Is there even a future? Will Jamaica become like Zimbabwe or Haiti or even worse? Can anyone answer these questions? How can I smile and pretend that everything is OK when everything is collapsing? What good does politics serve? Why do we need politicians? Why study politics and care about it. It is not like I can make a difference for this hellhole that I live in. And the argument about studying politics doesn’t even make sense. Maybe I would end up being a part of the problem instead of the solution. Maybe at some point that was how these politicians who have power over us right now felt like at some point. They thought they would be a revolutionary. Maybe they had good intentions but eventually power and fame got to their heads and they became cold, corrupt monsters. They stopped caring and forget who brought them where they are in the first place.

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