Sandy and the need for energy independence.

Ever since the aftermath of the category 1 hurricane Sandy, I began to realize how important it is to have backup power. Electricity is almost like water to humans. We cannot live without it for too long in this age. I began to realize why Alternative energy solutions such as wind and solar have become so important now. Recently the family had to get a Diesel powered generator so that we could get some power for about a week. Added on top of this were three Solar panel Batteries and a Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit for my father’s desktop computer. We cannot depend on power companies for all our lives. The cost for Solar panels may be high but If we save up enough to buy the equipment, set it up and start using it when the grid power fails, slowly but surely it will pay for itself in terms of efficiency and cost. In the long run if we get enough batteries,inverters and panels and perhaps a propane powered generator, we could find ourselves not having to depend on power companies at all!

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