Down with C up With Python!

It has been decided C is simply too much for me as a beginner in the world of programming. I have the experience to say this because i have tried mutliple times using as much resources as possible to aid in my learning and still I did not get anywhere. asking somebody wont make any difference. i personally have the belief that C programming is not for beginners and whoever says otherwise is coming from an already experienced,advanced programming background. as for me i know definitely that programming is no bed of rose no matter which language i switch to. but based on the introduction that i have started today in Python. i am elated to say i feel more comfortable both mentally and visually learning python than c. it is more beginner-friendly than c. and they are saying that C is by nature more faster than python. but i don’t care. the point of my learning is to learn how to program(or script). i want to make stuff and see results. why should something be so complex? i tried very hard to understand the basic syntax of C and i dont have a clue what they mean. I tried videos, tutorials, books….still no luck in my progress. Now do not get me Wrong i Respect C! it is a foundational language(other languages were derived or developed from it).and i promise to return to it once i gather sufficient experience.certain operating systems like windows,unix and linux, drivers and applications are written partially or fully in C. It gives you more control over the computer system as experts declare but strict on syntax…and some other things that ive experienced with it. that makes my head and my eyes sting with pain,frustration and confusion. i cannot understand i am doing when i try to make programs in c. i see the myriads of tutorials on the web for c and they dont do jack shit to cure me of my bewilderment. it would seem as if i prefer scripting more than full blown programming. i am also informed that the difference between scripting and programming is so minimalized right now that php is now used to write complex software(the kind of work that only full blown programming languages would have been able to do in the old days). with faster, more powerful computers,calling it scripting or programming doesnt matter anymore because they both are now on an equal footing in getting the job done! If my efforts to master python to a certain degree succeeds, it can help boost my chances for career opportunities! and i want to explore web development next. i know that giving up may look like a sign of spinelessness or indolence. but i dont like the idea of struggling with something for so long and still  you have no idea where to start with in it. Call a spade a Spade. it makes no sense we struggle with something we just dont have what it takes to deal with or master. It is like a 6 year old child trying to learn calculus.mathematics(which i hate to this day) has not given me so much trouble and headache. in fact i would rather choose mathematics over c programming right now! at least i would have an idea of what i am trying to do when i approach complex problems and get better help solving them with the help of feedback and resources!

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